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When Someone Dies

Arranging the Funeral

A Funeral service helps to acknowledge someone we have loved or known and provides an opportunity to talk about and remember the life of the person who has died.

At Douglas Funeral Directors we keep this in mind when assisting you to create a funeral which both honours and respects your loved one, either plain and simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Most families gain comfort in a large traditional funeral with the coffin resting open at home, or in a rest room at our funeral home. Both options allow family and friends to pay their last respects and say a final goodbye. Some families choose to have a private funeral for themselves and close friends, with an open to all service of celebration sometime after the committal. Whatever your wishes, the funeral will be tailored and arranged to suit.

A funeral director will take all the relevant details necessary to liaise with official departments and the clergy, they will prepare newspaper notices and ensure that they appear in the press on the days instructed and are uploaded onto our website. Floral tributes will be handled, as will donations in lieu and any disbursements/payments on your behalf, should you require this arrangement.


If burial is chosen a grave will either already be owned or a new grave will have to be purchased, arrangements to have the grave opened will also be handled.

It may be possible to purchase a grave from a church where you are a contributing member. There is normally a charge for re-opening an existing grave and any deeds or documentation relating to the grave will be needed in order for the burial to take place.


Cremation fees will be paid on your behalf to Belfast City Council. The cost will depend on whether the deceased was a Belfast resident or not. The funeral director will also take care of the doctor’s fees for signing the cremation papers. There are several other forms regarding cremation which will need to be completed by the family with the funeral directors assistance.